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So you now have my selection of the best natural cold remedies that work.  There are many more out there that may work or are helpful that we have excluded.  

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This Natural Cold Remedies Blog is a place that you can share your thoughts.  Please differentiate between natural cold remedies that you think worked for you "anecdotal" or those that you have read the supporting science and are supported by double blind scientific scrutiny of a population of at least 300 participants.  In other words let's keep the quality of science high and the amount of noise low so that we can use this blog to add real value to the first article.  Watch out for company owned patent formula and advertising that looks convincing but does not mention the double blind studies.  Also add your experience with those items already on the list.  I regularly use all the above except the Reshi Mushrooms but that is only because not many stores sell it, only the natural ones and I have to travel to those, so it's infrequent to say the least. 

Carol Thompson
1/20/2013 03:08:55

Great Job, I find this list to be the most useful list I've found on Natural Cold Remedies on the web.


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